Biography Edit

=== Journey to Earth-1

Some attributes
First Real Name: K^Sen
Second Current Alias: Mr X
Third Aliases: Kevin Sen, Mr X
Other attributes
Fourth Relatives: T^Ren (Wife)

K^sen was one of two Neonauts to be sent by the Xtopian New Universe Program to the Mainstream Deviants Universe, to enable their species to survive the end of the Earth Prime Universe, which is our own. He was sent with J^Ucon, who became known as Dark God

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Superhuman Strength: Mr X is easily Class 100, and with increased exposure to our universe, he has no theoretical boundaries

Superhuman Speed: He can easily reach Mach Four, and Agent 1 thought he was pacing himself at the time

Superhuman Durability: Mr X can withstand the extreme heat and pressure of the Big Bang, along with impacting the Earth at such velocity that he caused the extinction of the Dinosaurs

Longevity: Xtopian life spans are as yet unknown, but Mr X did not visibly age in the 13.7 billion years from the start of the universe until he was woken, but this could have been a form of suspended animation

Flight: Mr X can propel his body through the air by a form of levitation at speeds reaching Mach Four

Energy Manipulation: Mr X can absorb and discharge almost any form of energy, mostly electromagnetic energy, and does have an inherent energy within him that can reach up to 12'000 degrees Celsius

Skin Colouration: Perhaps an inherent species ability, Mr X can change the pigments in any part of his body indefinitely, as he assumes a 'human' form when in a civilian zone. This becomes permanent when he decides people will trust him more if he looks human.

Intangibility: Mr X has the ability to travel through substances, and it is unclear if there are some substances he can not pass through

Hypnotism: Mr X shows some degree of hypnotic ability, though to a much lesser extent than his Xtopian enemy, Dark God. It is unknown if they have the same abilities, and if Mr X just doesn't use this power as often or as fully as he can.

Healing Factor: Whilst Mr X is unable to withstand all forms of attack, he has a rapid healing factor which enables him to heal from most injuries within a matter of minutes to hours.

Abilities Edit

Linguistics: Mr X was shown to understand and speak English within moments of being awoken at the Department Facility. This could be a telepathic response, but he seems to have a gift for understanding languages within seconds of hearing them being spoken.

Genius Level Intellect: Although Xtopians are a much more technologically advanced species than humans, Mr X is gifted even amongst them, being a leading scientist.

Xtopian Physical Training: Mr X has a strong build, leading us to assume that he had some form of physical training prior to his arrival on Earth-1

Strength Level Edit

Mr X is classed as Class 100+, meaning he can press over 100 tons

Paraphernalia Edit

Xtopian Neonaut Suit: Mr X wears a green armoured suit that is capable of withstanding high pressure, immense heat and energy blasts. The metal in it is unknown, and it is possible that it was transmuted by the Big Bang.

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