Biography Edit

=== Journey to Earth-1

Dark God
Some attributes
First Real Name: J^Ucon
Second Current Alias: Dark God
Third Aliases: Dark God
Other attributes
Fourth Relatives: None known

Born in a dying universe, J^Ucon, supreme commander of Xtopia's armed forces, was sent to a different universe with K^Sen, a leading scientist, to prepare it for colonisation. On the journey, J^Ucon went mad, and turned evil after seeing the entire history of his universe. He swore to rule over the entire universe he was sent to, as its Dark God

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

Superhuman Strength: Dark God is easily Class 100, and with increased exposure to our universe, he has no theoretical boundaries

Superhuman Speed: Whilst Dark God has not been tested, in theory he can move at similar speeds to Mr X

Superhuman Durability: Dark God can withstand the extreme heat and pressure of the Big Bang, along with crashing into Jupiter with enough force to level a city

Longevity: Xtopian life spans are as yet unknown, but Dark God did not visibly age in the 13.7 billion years from the start of the universe to the time he landed on Jupiter, but this could have been a form of suspended animation

Flight: Dark God can propel his body through the air by a form of levitation at speeds reaching Mach Four

Energy Manipulation: Dark God can absorb and discharge almost any form of energy, mostly electromagnetic energy, and does have an inherent energy within him that can reach up to 12'000 degrees Celsius

Skin Colouration: We can assume that Dark God can also change the pigment of his skin, just like his nemesis, Mr X, but he has not demonstrated that ability yet.

Intangibility: Dark God has the ability to travel through substances, and it is unclear if there are some substances he can not pass through

Hypnotism: Dark God has been shown to hypnotise his enemies with a huge degree of success, seeing as he broke the mind of Doctor Jupiter, a formidable foe.

Teleportation: Unlike Mr X, Dark God has exhibited the ability to teleport his body over massive distances, with little to no exertion

Healing Factor: Whilst Dark God is unable to withstand all forms of attack, he has a rapid healing factor which enables him to heal from most injuries within a matter of minutes to hours

Strength Level Edit

Dark God has strength level Class 100+, meaning he can lift over 100 tons

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